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GUDE! And welcome to Global Village 069 - The World at Home in Frankfurt. This podcast is all about the people of Frankfurt who (also) have their roots in another part of the world. It’s thanks to them that the small metropolis on the Main is the most internationally diverse city in Germany. They bring their cultural influences into all areas of Frankfurt life: food, culture, sports, politics, business... and I consider this a gift to all of us. In each episode, my guests share their view on Frankfurt and how we can travel the world without leaving the city. I’ll be delighted if you come along for the journey.

About me

I'm Marie, globetrotter at heart and citizen of Frankfurt by choice. Before I moved here, I lived for many years in two of the most amazing melting pots of all: Berlin and London. In both cities, it was the international mix that excited me the most. After moving to Frankfurt in 2018, it quickly became clear that this place doesn’t have to shy away from comparison to the giant metropolises of this world – quite the contrary. I love meeting people with different backgrounds, hearing their stories and discovering new sides to our city time and again. Got your own Global Village 069-story to share?

I'd love to hear it!

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